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Google Ads (formally Google Adwords) plays an important supporting role in your performance marketing initiatives. By combining Google Ads with SEO services, your brand will own the most important real estate on the search engine results page (SERP), above the fold. In addition, you’ll reach audiences beyond the SERP who are in-market for your products or services.

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Why hire a Google Ads Agency?


Google Ads has evolved beyond PPC (pay-per-click). The digital advertising platform offers diverse ways to connect with your audience across their entire online experience. From top-funnel brand awareness campaigns with Display and Video to intent-based campaigns with Search and Shopping, Google Ads rewards brands that support customers at each moment in their buyer’s journey.

Google Ads Insights


  • Google Ads averages over 700% return on investment for most brands.
  • 65% of small to midsize brands advertise with Google Ads.
  • 50% of customers who click on a Google Ad end up completing a purchase within 3 days.

Google Ads Management Services


At Fierce, we’re a Google Ads agency that understands not only the robust platform, but prioritizes unpacking your business needs and audience behaviors to ensure we’re able to connect, engage and convert in the right moments. 


Before recommending specific Google Ads management services for your brand, we start with a holistic approach to understanding your business goals, historical performance, and key audiences. Our Google Ads strategies use insights to inform campaigns for search, display, shopping, video, and more.









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