Why You Need a Performance Marketing Agency


Have you hired a digital marketing agency in the past? If so, did you feel like their work attributed to tangible revenue growth for your business? The answer is probably, no. This is because digital marketing agencies prioritize selling services, regardless if they’ll be impactful to your bottom line.  Digital marketing agencies also don’t hire strategic thinkers, they hire tactical executers.


Performance marketing agencies like Fierce prioritize strategy over everything, and we’re also fluent in all things digital marketing. Read on to learn more about why you need to ditch your digital marketing agency for Fierce Performance Marketing. 


What is Performance Marketing?


There are a number of definitions for performance marketing.


“Performance Marketing is a comprehensive term that refers to online marketing and advertising programs focused on driving a specific action; such as a sale, lead, or click.” – Upgrow


“Performance Marketing is as it sounds – marketing based on performance.” – BigCommerce


Performance marketing is a marketing program built to deliver ROI. But, it’s also more than that, at least here at Fierce. Often times we bring on clients who don’t yet know what ROI looks like. Many clients find it hard to even quantify what their business growth goals are for this year, next year, and beyond. That’s why we see performance marketing as less of an approach to marketing and more of a partnership. We help our clients dig into business growth goals, break down reporting silos, understand historical performance data, and define what success looks like for marketing teams and the wider company.  


How is Performance Marketing Different from Digital Marketing?


Performance marketing is the strategic backbone of any value-driven digital marketing initiative. Performance marketers understand nuances between goals, key performance indicators, and supporting metrics, and how each metric plays a role to ensure digital marketing programs successfully attribute to business growth. That’s why it’s important to hire a performance marketing agency over a digital marketing agency.







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